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All mechanical processing is carried out in our company or according to our drawings, with intermediate in-line checks of the product.
The modern numerical control machine tools: Transfer, Machining Centres, Automatic Lathes and Copper tube bending and shaping machines, run by qualified technicians, allow us to manufacture the components with high precision tolerances.

The assembly of the valve bodies, carried out in our mechanical department by highly qualified and experienced staff, ensures consistent quality, reliability and continuous technological improvement of the product.

The servomotors with gearboxes of our design are fitted with steel gears with hardened teeth. The actuators and limit switches are of high European technology.
They are assembled in our electrical department using state-of-the-art methods and equipment.

The compliance with the specific technical standards of the finished products coming out of the assembly cycle is checked on both hydraulic and electrical test benches and involves 100% of the production. An internal test room and various civilian installations are used for cyclically repeated durability tests.

All parts are systematically checked during the production cycles using diagnostic and measuring instruments, with fully computerised management of the data collected to allow a historical record of the results.

In order to guarantee compliance with technical specifications, the finished products leaving the production cycle are tested on both hydraulic and electrical test benches. These tests, in a continuous cycle, are carried out on 100% of production.

Tests are also carried out on production samples, using cyclic actuators and simulating long-term heavy-duty applications. All this guarantees the full reliability of our products.