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Accessories - Plug-Jack connector IP68

Accessories - Plug-Jack connector IP68


This is an IP68 certified connector of the plug-jack type that ensures high electrical protection and makes connection operations easier by avoiding the need for junction boxes. 


It is only necessary for the installer to wire the plug in the proximity of the servomotor; at that point, by inserting the plug in the factory pre-wired jack, a secure connection can be made, which can be inspected without having to open the motor cover, which could compromise the IP protection rate.

The connector is 6-pole, so at most an auxiliary microswitch can be managed, in addition to the control, to signal for example the opening or closing of the valve.
To have the quick connector pre-wired plug-jack add the letter "K" at the end of the code of any motor (except for models with double auxiliary control).

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Add the letter "K" to the end of the code for any actuator (except models with dual auxiliary control).

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